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The past of us, here and know

and how it starts more then 25 years ago;

Lodewijk van der Sluis was founder of Lvs Vloerverwarming . Lodewijk has developed several heating and/or cooling systems. Lodewijk developed also much more like thermal heat mats, prefabrication thermal mats, RF Optima range, heat panels Schloss / DIHS and much more.

Creativity is key.



LVS has been supplying and manufacturing high quality electric heating products, thermostats, controls, control cabinets and control panels for over 25 years.
Lodewijk started out as a mechanic, LVS has grown into a company that is fully focused on supplying, developing and producing high-quality products in the field of electric heating and the associated products such as thermostats, controls, control cabinets and control panels. This is the past of us.


Over the years, we have expanded our range, including numerous products in the field of thermostats and controls. In the field of electric heating, we are increasingly applying carbon technology. This material is very stable and can withstand high temperatures.


Private labeling is one of the facets that we are committed to, because the customer wants to get their own image. The brands 2HEAT, Schloss, Kraus, Budgetbuy, HQ Heating and 2-Control are increasingly used in the Netherlands, but these brands are also being installed to everyone's satisfaction outside our national borders.

For example, our products are increasingly used in Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain. But we also deliver to Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece.

Because this market is constantly changing, we are always looking for better and affordable products. Our range is therefore regularly expanded and adapted.

Our range is getting wider. We also regularly conduct quality tests on new and existing products. A test period of about 3 months is quite normal.

LVS is also a producer of various heating products and control equipment, such as stainless steel heat plates, rubber heat mats, silicone heat mats, electronic dimmers and control cabinets.


With us, the customer is king, we always listen carefully to his wishes and try to fulfill them. In many cases we have a solid solution for every "problem".

Thanks to our many years of technical experience and our good service, we are your partner in the field of electric heating, thermostats and control technology.


Since september the first 2021 LVS has a new owner. The name changed from LVS vloerverwarming B.V. to LVS Verwarming B.V. (includes the B2C part: Budgetbuy and Topheat, and the patents from Lodewijk) . Managing director of LVS Verwarming B.V. is Jolanda Ligthart


In this way we thanks everybody who supports us the period that we developed LVS and we wish the new setting lots of succeses and a bright future.

Today we are here and know for devolope products and more.

Lodewijk van der Sluis 

Tonny van den Bosch 

Right picture from left to right: Jolanda lIgthart, Tonny van den Bosch, Lodewijk van der Sluis


Note: LVS vloerverwarming BV before September 1, 2021 may not be associated with LVS Verwarming BV after September 1, 2021!