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DIHS BV Services and more !

Through years of experience DIHS BV can offer various services such as;

- Thermographic research
- Trainingen and courses
- Construction supervision
- Innovation
- Research and development

Thermographic research;

With thermographic research we visualize what is not visible to the eye.
Using infrared photography, we visualize the temperature differences in the facade, roof, walls, doors and floor.
The temperature differences form a picture of the thermal quality.


A thermal imaging camera, also known as a thermographic camera, measures the temperature differences at a safe distance and records this in images.
During a thermographic survey it becomes clear where unnecessary energy is lost.
With that data you can get to work in a targeted way to improve the home and save energy


In the process industry, thermography is mainly used for checking pressure equipment at the maximum operating temperature,
or assessing the status of external or internal insulation.

You will receive a report from us as soon as a thermographic survey has been carried out.
This report provides a clear picture of where possible improvements can be made.


Thermographic examination of your home is possible from € 525,- including VAT


Training and course;

The training and courses that we can give related to electrical heating techniques and the associated

Training on location is possible, where we can apply practical examples.

It is discussed during a training;
What is electric heating?
What is infrared?
What are the possibilities ?
What are the applications ?
How do I calculate and determine the power?
How can it be mounted?


A standard training of 2-4 hours is available from € 200,- including VAT


Supervision projects;

We can be deployed on a project basis for project management and supervision related to technical installations.
By sharing our knowledge and expertise in this process, a project will run smoothly.


Interested in these possibilities ? Please contact us.



Innovation is the key word for the success of a product of a product group.
Without innovation, a company is a pass-through box or a pass-through device.
innovation of an existing product provides added value: for example, reflection on the back of an existing infrared panel.
implementing it is a detail, sometimes a new product development.

DIHS BV can assist you for both new product development and adapted product developments.


Interested in these possibilities ? Please contact us.


Research and development;

Developing new products can be tricky.
What is it? what will it be? who will supply the materials? Who's going to produce it?
Lots of questions that drive you crazy.
DIHS BV can help you to follow the right path.


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