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DIHS developed a preheater for a childbirthbath OERBRON BV (and patent pending)

Published on 28 June 2021 at 09:10

Some months ago we get a request for making a childbirth bath heater. The heater should be quit and stable and the bath should be heated upto 37'C. Information of this preheater:  www.deoerbron.nl  info@oerbron.nl  085-0609147. https://verwarmjebad.nl/product/verwarmingselement/

This heater installtion is intent to keep the bath water on a certain temperature level like 37'C. After many tests and some changes it works fine. We used a simple but effective solution.

Also we provide customer DE OERBRON BV their own patent on this object. This project is OEM and can be bought or rent via www.oerbron.nl


The DIHS childbirth bath heater is prefabricated by LVS VLOERVERWARMING BV



- For know we cant tell the direct detail.

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