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Infrared heatingfilm into self nivelated concrete

Published on 10 January 2021 at 12:07

Collaboration between LVS VLOERVERWARMING BV, DIHS BV and SOPRO BV. A new way to process infrared heating foil in combination with a tiled floor. The infrared heating foil is applied to the 6mm insulation with aluminum reflection layer. 

A mesh is applied to the infrared heating foil, the function of which is to strengthen the construction.
After this, a smooth floor self nivelated concrete is applied.
This self nivelated concrete must have a minimum thickness of 15mm, preferably a thickness of 20mm.


A display of this construction is available in the showroom of LVS vloerverwarming BV


All kinds of floor coverings can then be placed on this self nivelated floor, such as tiles, stick PVC, PVC, linoleum, etc.


The infrared heating foil must be prefabricated in a different way (encording to EN regulation);
- Double insulated
- Special prefabrication of the connection cable
- Neoprene connecting cables


What is the advantage of this structure?
- Compact floor construction of up to 26mm.
- Good and distributed heat surface.
- Good heat output.
- Immediately isolated.
- All floor coverings are possible.
- Very efficient
- Accumulating


Materials & installation;
Insulation with aluminium reflector
Double insulated infrared heatingfilm 100W/m2 prefabricated with neoprene powercables
Sopro reinforcement Mesh
Sopro self nivelated concrete
Installation must be done by professionals


1) Tiled floor, stick PVC, PVC, laminate, etc.
2) Equalization layer 15-20mm
3) Reinforcement mesh
4) Double insulated
5) Infrared heating foil
6) 6mm insulation with aluminum, possibly 2 layers (XPS 6mm + EPS ALU 6mm)
7) Sand cement floor / concrete floor

Price per piece € ON REQUEST / PRE ORDER

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