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DIHS BV: Your Innovative Partner in Heating and Controlling

DIHS BV is a young company but has many years of experience in the field of innovation in heating and control systems.
At present, many innovative products have already come from DIHS BV, often with a different name, such as the Schloss brand.

DIHS BV develops high-quality heating systems in-house that are available through distributors in the Netherlands and abroad.
An example of a heating system, which is also patented, are the rubber heat mats.
These rubber heat mats are available from LVS VLOERVERWARMING BV, among others.

Would you like more information or would you like to get in touch with DIHS BV: 0618318880 or info@dihsbv.nl

We are located in Alkmaar, 1827NN Pater schiphorststraat 50

Patent: rubber heating mats and or flexible heatingelements

Patent: modulair heatingelement

How do we start

To begin with, it is examined whether a new product is financially attractive.
Cost price, production and a sales price are considered.
The market is also being checked to see whether a similar product is already available.

And then

When feasible, demo products will be started.
These products are tested in various conditions.
During this period, the product may be improved and adjusted.


DIHS BV is looking at various options and partners to have a product produced.
The production can be in the Netherlands but also abroad.
Production is well prepared in consultation with our partners.



A product is marketed through our partners at a realistic sales price.
Should it be product development for a relationship, this relationship has the right to sell the product under certain conditions.



A patent can be applied for  a developed product by us.
This is not always the case, because we also deal with the intellectual property of DIHS BV. ALL DEVELOPED PRODUCTS HAS A INTELLECTUEL PROPERTY BY DIHS BV



A developed product must be certified.
This process takes some time for an extended inspection consultant.



Usually a product is produced in quantities, for example 100 pieces per batch.
This is to keep the cost price as low as possible.



Products can be supplied as OEM.
Minimum purchase per order is discussed and documentated.
So you have your own product.


The products can be delivered with your own brand or name.
Minimum purchase per order is discussed and documentated.
This way you have your own product with your own brand.

Instruction manual

Each product comes with a manual.
For OEM products, customer must provide a manual.



All inquiries are welcome.
Do you have an idea but not yet further developed, we can assist you with this matter.
Leave your details via our contact form.